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AAPT and Specialty Fashion Group

Shifting data in real-time between its headquarters and vast network of stores was at the heart of the Specialty Fashion Group’s (SFG) decision to upgrade their communications setup.

With a robust AAPT IP VPN solution, SFG not only achieved their aim, they also experienced a rapid improvement in their overall efficiency and productivity.

What was done?

SFG required a solution that could improve the delivery of their operational information and stakeholder communication. Their current infrastructure – a tedious dial-up modem setup – was severely hampering the distribution of integral data such as sales and stock information. To improve communication channels and enable real-time processing, AAPT installed an IP Virtual Private Network using ADSL 1 and ADSL 2 links with Cisco routers.

The result?

  • A comprehensive management solution that will ensure SFG’s network is always working at an optimum level
  • A seamless link between SFG’s stores and it’s customer databases
  • A value-for-money pricing model which has a fixed cost for each store connected, regardless of location
  • A Trans-Tasman link between SFG’s network of stores across Australia and New Zealand
  • A superior level of support 24*7*365 with AAPT highly trained and experienced staff.

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