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AAPT as a reseller

AAPT acts as a reseller when providing the Telecommunications Services listed below. AAPT is responsible to you for the Service, even though it is acting as a reseller.

AAPT Telecommunications Service    Principal Carrier
Teleconferencing ACT Teleconferencing
Mobile Vodafone^
Rebill Telstra
International Toll Free Service Telecom New Zealand International * (providing access to international carrier networks)







^AAPT uses the Optus network to provide a small number of legacy services.
*TNZI is a related body corporate of AAPT.

Except as noted above, AAPT is not affiliated with or related to the principal Carrier who provides the service for resale.

Third party networks

AAPT uses a number of third party providers to maintain the breadth and comprehensiveness of our network. We may use third party networks to deliver AAPT Services to you and may change the networks we use from time to time. Our third party providers may include NBN Co, Telstra, Optus, iiNet and other providers as appropriate from time to time.