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About AAPT

At AAPT we converge all of our resources to maintain one simple philosophy – deliver extreme performance networking in everything we do. With our team of dedicated experts, we will partner with you on a one-to-one basis to ensure you receive the highest quality solutions for your business.

Incorporating more than 11,000kms of fibre and 410 exchanges - along with Ethernet capability in more than 210 of these - our network has been built specifically to allow you to do what you do best – run your business. We leverage this network to deliver solutions that are among the most cutting edge in the Telco industry. From e-LAN to SIP Voice to our investment in cloud, we empower our portfolio of products to make sure you always experience the best in class.

We have invested in simplicity, streamlining systems and delivering a straight-forward approach to customer service. We get close to our customers with a flat management structure and an executive team connected to our clients. With a rejuvenated focus on Enterprise and Wholesale markets, AAPT creates a unique position for customers to experience a telecommunications partnership unmatched by others.

What does Extreme Performance Networking mean to AAPT?

Extreme performance networking is about delivering the best possible effort in everything we do, from an organisation perspective to every employee within our business. It can be from ensuring your service request is completed as soon as possible to delivering the best value in your product solutions.

There is no one specific task 'extreme performance' relates to. Rather it is about planning, preparing and ensuring every foundation is in place to make sure we are equipped to deal with any situation at any time.

Our history


In November 2012 AAPT announced the purchase of NEC Australia’s Nextep DSL business as part of a long-term strategic Alliance between the two organisations. The partnership will leverage AAPT’s extreme performance network and NEC’s world-class technology and managed ICT portfolio.

The acquisition of Nextep confirmed AAPT’s position as a leading independent provider of wholesale broadband services.


AAPT appointed David Yuile to CEO. David’s considerable experience and knowledge of both the Australian telecommunications industry and the AAPT business enabled AAPT to adapt their services and philosophies to deliver a premium level of service that provides the right fit for business.


The strategic sale of AAPT’s Consumer division to iiNet in September 2010 enabled AAPT to focus on two of its strongest markets, Business and Wholesale.


The acquisition of PowerTel by Telecom New Zealand, provided AAPT with one of the most extensive networks in Australia.


AAPT acquired ownership of connect.com.au, enabling us to become part of the Domestic Internet Exchange agreement. This arrangement involved AAPT working with other ISPs to share and exchange Internet traffic, providing our business customers with quick and cost-effective Internet access domestically and internationally.


AAPT commenced operations as Telstra's first competitor in long distance Voice and Data services. When legislative restrictions were removed in 1997, we were awarded our carrier licence and commenced the build of our own network. We were also the first telecommunications carrier to be listed on the Australian Stock Exchange.