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As Australia’s largest pay TV operator, AUSTAR was averaging as many as four costly outages per year. What they required was a robust, cost effective solution that improved the reliability of their call centre while not disrupting their everyday services.

Utilising SIP Voice, AAPT delivered a seamless voice solution that ensured a superior service that didn’t require substantial investment into new infrastructure.

What was done?

Personalised and scalable, AAPT partnered with AUSTAR to integrate a solution that incorporated WAN, Internet and SIP technologies. This included dual redundancy into its main offices, a 300Mbps protected inter-capital e-Line Ethernet service as well as a triangulated 10Mbps service from both offices to Foxtel.

The result

  • Improved customer service through a scalable and adaptable SIP solution
  • An end-to-end solution with one provider of service
  • As secure redundancy solution between Sydney and Gold Coast
  • Smooth integration with AUSTAR’s CRM, IVR and customer-focused applications
  • Reduced downtime, no outages at a cost effective price
  • Secure disaster, recovery and operational plans

Find Out More

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