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The ability to share applications and functions throughout your business is critical. AAPT works with your business to deliver a state-of-the-art Ethernet or VPN solution that seamlessly connects all of your dispersed sites. More...


Switching over 200+ million calls in any given month, the AAPT voice network makes it easy for you to talk to your customers. Leveraging a full range of inbound, outbound, teleconferencing and mobile products, we tailor a solution that matches your unique call patterns and requirements. More...


Selecting the right Internet access can determine the efficiency of your business. From IP-Line to Business Broadband, we offer a host of flexible solutions that satisfy crucial performance criteria such as speed, cost, and reliability. More...


An evolving and exciting industry, AAPT offers a number of excellent cloud solutions, including AAPT Business Apps (powered by Google) and CDN (Content Delivery Network). More...

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