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The ability to sustain productivity and efficiency throughout your business is at your control. AAPT Business e-LAN enables you to comprehensively manage connectivity over your network, enabling geographically dispersed locations to easily interact and share mission critical data.

Powerful connectivity at your control

AAPT Business e-LAN allows you to configure your network to ensure optimum engagement and productivity.

Safe and scalable – manage and configure your own VPN through scalable and secure multipoint connectivity.

Adaptable features – comprehensive and reliable, features include multicast capability, scalable speeds and a wide range of access types.

Comprehensive QoS capability – with a number of QoS packages to choose from, you can also effortlessly prioritise how specific types of traffic are run across your network.

Robust and dedicated

AAPT Business e-LAN gives you complete autonomy over your network, allowing you to personalise a solution that delivers extreme performance.

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