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AAPT Service Availability Tool

Easily view the accesses and products available for your business.
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AAPT Frontier Portal

From ordering services to paying and viewing your accounts, AAPT Frontier is an online interface designed to offer our Wholesale customers premium functionality and accessibility.
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AAPT eMeet

Teleconferencing is not just about providing a standard medium for shared phone conferences between your employees. It is also about providing online tools and functionalities to ensure maximum productivity is gained from each teleconference meeting. Incorporating application share, presentation display and in meeting chat, AAPT e-Meet is an interactive web conferencing tool that you can use in real-time during your teleconferences.
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AAPT Online Bill Analyser (OBA)

The reporting function of any business should be able to identify trends, peaks and troughs that you can utilise to manage expenditure and make adjustments where necessary. AAPT’s Online Bill Analyser (OBA) is an intuitive and customisable reporting tool that allows you to view your statements online 24 x7 x365.
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AAPT Enhanced Fax Service

Our enhanced fax feature enables you to send or broadcast faxes directly from anywhere you can connect to the Internet.
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Connect Alert Email Notification Service

Accurate and easy-to-use, our Connect Alert Email Notification Service tool notifies you of any scheduled and unscheduled events for services and locations you wish to be informed of.
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Permanent Connection Traffic Usage tool

AAPT’s Permanent Connection Traffic Usage tool enables you to  monitor your usage with a near-real time summary of your permanent connections, bandwidth graphs and tables.
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Net Reporting

Net Reporting is a solution dedicated to AAPT customers. It presents network statistics, management and monitoring of your IPVPN, Ethernet and Frame Relay/ATM which provides you with a number of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) on your network.
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