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International Carriers

AAPT Carrier - delivering beyond the expected.

With more than 20 years of experience, the AAPT Carrier team has perfected the task of managing network challenges and complexities for our domestic and international Carrier partners. Empowering them to meet customer demand and expectations to the highest of standards.

Our extreme performance approach provides:

  • 11,000 kilometres of fibre supporting our own national fibre backbone.
  • A full range of Ethernet access "last mile" technologies.
  • AAPT was the first Tier 1 Carrier in Australia to provide NBN products for Carrier customers.
  • Full domestic and international carrier support.

Our network is only part of the story, however. Making this happen and helping meet your end customer requirements is a team of highly dedicated engineers, able to deliver bespoke solutions that mesh with the specifics of your network.

Finally, with our Cloud and Media suite of capabilities, you will find AAPT a refreshingly different provider in the Australian market.