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Need a high volume, high quality, low cost solution?

So did Contact Centres Australia. Check out how we provided them with a highly reliable, responsive call centre solution and saved them 25% per year.
Contact Centres Australia needed a high volume, high quality, low cost solution. Continue reading to see how we saved them 25% per year.

How did we do it?

First up, we recognised their needs. From their 100-seat call centre in Sydney, CCA provides the full range of call centre services to some of Australia's largest charities and corporations. To stay profitable while making around 60, 000 outbound calls each day and receiving at least 10, 000 inbound calls, CCA needed competitively priced telecommunications that worked every time. Our solution was to propose a pricing structure for inbound and outbound voice that included cost effective call rates and, importantly, no flagfall.

What made the difference?

By really getting to know CCA's business we developed a model that best suited their needs. Specifically, we delivered:

  • Reduced costs: since switching to AAPT, CCA have reduced their call costs by 25%
  • Reliable, proactive service: facilitated by strict service level agreements, gold level help desk support and direct connections to our infrastructure
  • Advanced reporting: AAPT Online Bill Analyser and Traffic Insight provides detailed, accurate, timely information
  • More options: our flexible phone systems have increased CCA's responsiveness.

Find Out More

To know more about AAPT Enterprise products and services including price, specs or additional benefits call us on 13 88 77 or enquire online.