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Our Support

Ensuring your productivity is maintained is dependent on our support team being reliable and knowledgeable.

At AAPT we are committed to working alongside your team to establish a productive and effective relationship. With a clear and innovative approach, our experienced professionals will personalise our approach to ensure the effective delivery of your telecommunications services, 24x7.

This is complimented by the AAPT Customer Charter, with which your Sales team discuss and document all key business activities between your business and AAPT.

Not only has the Customer Charter been well received amongst our customers, it was also a key factor in AAPT receiving the highly-prestigious Service Distinction award at CeBIT 2012.

In addition, to access AAPT’s comprehensive Customer Service Desk (CSD) details, please click here.

We strive to take customer support to the highest possible standard, as part of our commitment to ensure you are able to do what you do best - focus on your business.