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Require a hosted web solution that is secure and highly reliable?

Every four years the Victorian Electoral Commission's website experiences a huge spike in demand. Rather than hosting their own site they asked AAPT to host a Virtual Tally Room.

How did we do it?

We provided the Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC) with peace of mind. Together with Web Central, we built and hosted a secure website - 'the Virtual Tally Room' - that included a full disaster recovery site. During the election, the Virtual Tally Room was updated every three minutes from data entered from 43 remote regional offices and one central office in Melbourne. The results were then converted into web pages or downloaded in XML format for the media.

What made the difference?

AAPT's hosted solution cost the VEC much less than purchasing the infrastructure and engineering their own solution capable of meeting the once-in-four-years surge in demand. AAPT also had the expertise to make the website secure and responsive and then quickly take it down at the end of the election.

The final proof was the event itself - the Virtual Tally Room was available during the entire election period and did not crash once despite fielding up to 1 million hits per day.

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