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Spend Management Tools

AAPT provides access to the following tools to enable you to take timely action to manage or limit your spend with us.  In addition to providing near time billing information, AAPT offers spend management tools as features of certain products. These are described below.

Near real time billing information – all products

AAPT provides access to pro-forma invoices, which show how much you have spent in the current billing cycle on a particular AAPT service.  To receive a pro-forma invoice, please contact us. There is no charge to receive a pro-forma invoice.

In addition, we can provide you with access to your daily usage files, which shows you have much you have spent on a daily basis. The data in the daily usage file is up to 24 hours old. The daily usage file information does not include recurring charges or any discounts. There is no charge to access your daily usage file. To set up access your daily usage files, please contact us.

AAPT Voice

AAPT can instigate call barring functions at your request, or you can manage barring by using your own PABX or IP PBX system.  This might be a permanent bar on all services (excluding local calls), or it may be a temporary bar on certain call types (eg. international, national or calls to 1900 numbers). There is no charge for AAPT to instigate call barring.


A customer may restrict use of a voice service using call barring. This might be a permanent bar on all services (excluding local calls), or it may be a temporary bar on certain call types (eg. international, national or calls to 1900 numbers). If the service is a Telstra rebill service, the customer can request pin access to control call barring options (service charge applies).


IPVPN services are charged on the basis of a flat fee per month irrespective of usage. This is a hard cap on the charges you pay us and means that there are no surprises in your bill at the end of the month.

IP Line

AAPT provides web-based graphical usage reports for IP-Line services through Frontier to assist you to analyse your service use.  This information is updated hourly and provides you with the actual data transfer rate. This information is up to 24 hours old. With this information, you can proactively plan bandwidth upgrades as your overall usage grows.

Different reporting options are available to suit your business’ requirements.  Graphical usage reports can be generated via Frontier for each IP-Line Link and Internet Data Plan.  IP-Line Link is represented with the 5xxxxxx Service ID and IP-Line Internet Data Plan with 6xxxxxx Service ID. Raw data used in generating the graphical report can also be extracted (in Excel format) to your desktop. Below is an example of the graphical usage report available for IP-Line services through Frontier.

Please note that Usage and Usage Rate statistics will be collected from the network every 15 minutes and will be used as a basis in generating the different types of report.

If you choose a Prepaid Internet Data Plan for your IP Line Service, you can set up usage alert functionality. If activated, usage alerts will be sent to your email address when your actual usage for the month reaches 80%, 90% and 100%.  There is no charge to set up usage alert functionality.

You will be charged for all excess usage on a Prepaid Internet Data Plan, whether or not you receive usage alerts from AAPT.  We recommend that you monitor the actual usage on your account on a regular basis or upgrade to the next higher Prepaid Internet Data Plan if required.


If you require assistance to use any of the spend management tools described above, please contact us.