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AAPT Solaris-as-a-Service enables your customers to run their mission-critical IT applications over our on-demand, high-speed cloud infrastructure.

Superior and secure

Superior access – housed in AAPT’s secure Virtual Data Centre facilities, your end-users can easily deploy applications as well as choose the appropriate resources for each of their applications

Comprehensive security – as Solaris-as-a-Service is hosted in the AAPT cloud, this allows for comprehensive control over security, compliance and Quality of Service (QoS) within the AAPT Private Cloud.

Cost effective – with access to AAPT’s high performance network and world-class cloud infrastructure, there is no need to invest in costly IT hardware and networking equipment

Reliability in the cloud

AAPT Solaris-as-a-Service is a comprehensive solution that allows your customers to serve their mission-critical functions easily in AAPT’s secure Private Cloud.

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